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What others are saying about The Beyoutiful Project



I believe that an Image Consultant can truly help women through the power of their image. That’s why I jumped to assist with helping hands when Gina Pomone, the Founder of The BeYoutiful Project, asked me to volunteer. The BeYoutiful Project is a community outreach created to help women disadvantaged by social or economic circumstances recognize their self-worth and beauty.

I had the privilege of volunteering my image consulting services at the April 2014 event in the Greater Toronto Area and I was inspired by the transformational experience that each woman received. With the help of stylists, makeup artists, estheticians, nutritionists and life coaches, every woman was pampered with makeovers and spiritual healing as they indulged in sweet treats and afternoon tea.

One take away from the event was the power of your image. Although these women were struggling financially and came into our boutique looking downtrodden, after the event, each woman didn’t just look different, but each one actually changed in their thinking. It was like each woman had a renewed sense of optimism and hope for the future! I believe this is why I see so many women experience so much success after improving their image. Their positive energy overflows into other areas of their life such as their work ethic, and they begin to see more opportunities as they look up to the future with a new hope.

Aura Image Consulting wants to continue to give to causes just like the BeYoutiful Project.

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